What we do

Equine Assisted Learning

H.E.A.L. offers a range of equine based programs, tailored to the needs of individual participants. We work with people of all ages [including children] individually, or in family or small groups.

We have a particular focus on supporting  carers, their families  and those who they care for. Please see our Carer Connect program for more details.

Sessions are designed to meet the needs of each person. We will spend time with you to understand what you wish to achieve, so we can deliver against your goals. We will help you to plan the length and number of sessions, based on your goals. Sessions need to be booked in advance.

Please call Annie [0411549562] to book your first session.

EPI Horse Wisdom Program

This is the signature program from  the Equine Psychotherapy Institute. It can only be offered by certified EPI practitioners.

The Horse Wisdom Program focuses on building emotional and regulatory skills.  Building on the insights  from the horses, the sessions enable  participants to focus on their social and emotional skills, regulate their feelings and inner-voice ,manage boundaries and build healthier interpersonal relationships.

This Horse Wisdom  program covers 7 key behavioural and practical skills;

  • Self-regulation and the calm state
  • Awareness
  • Boundaries
  • Healthy relationships
  • Kind/ Helpful thoughts
  • Feelings as natural
  • Facing life’s challenges

Sessions are interactive. Participants will take part in  a series of activities with the horses-  designed to align with each of the seven key themes.

All activities are on the ground. No riding is involved. This program is suitable for all ages.

Carer Connect Program

Carers and their families face challenges that can often impact on emotional and psychological wellbeing. We have a long association with a charity that focuses on providing support to carers and their family members who are experiencing mental illness. Our horse programs offer the opportunity  for the family to experience time with the herd and to focus on issues that are impacting their personal relationships, the quality and wellbeing of family life, resilience  and coping skills.

The herd facilitates a safe space for carers and their loved ones to come together to explore their individual and collective feelings and emotions in  a non-judgemental and tranquil manner.

Please call Annie [0411549562] to book an introductory session to see if this may be something that you’d like to experience.

Social Groups/ Clubs/ Couples

Experience a  social event with a difference. Using the basic principles of mindfulness practice, we offer an evening of personal and shared  reflection that will enhance relationships and promote new ways of thinking and doing. This session is ideal for social groups, clubs and couples  who would like to experience equine based learning and mindful practice firsthand. Session includes an introduction to Equine Assisted Learning, basic grounding and mindfulness practices, time in the paddock with the herd as a group and individually and some fun  games- with the horses. All activities are unmounted.

For clubs and groups, we will provide a bbq lunch or supper with salads and  drinks.

Couples are welcome to enjoy a coffee or a drink as they experience the tranquillity of the property and the surrounding hills.

This program is available in daylight savings period only. Please contact us for prices. We will look to accommodate your needs. Maximum number 12. Duration 2 hours.

Please call Annie [0411549562] to discuss how we can accommodate the needs of your group.