Our herd

We have 4 beautiful horses, Jenny, Blaze, Halo and Red, who roam as a herd on our property.


Jenny is a chestnut Thoroughbred mare who came off the track about 18 years ago.  She was my riding horse for many years, but has now earned her retirement.  She has a strong sense of awareness and has the kindest, calm nature and a huge heart.  She is curious and inquisitive, but is her own person and will keep her distance if that is how she feels.  A typical mare.

Jenny has an amazing giving nature and is very willing to try anything.   Chestnut thoroughbred mares are reputed to be highly strung, fiery redheads.  Jenny is anything but.  She is so chilled, even the vet said “Does she know she is a chestnut thoroughbred mare?”

She is best friends with Blaze.  They have been paddock pals for over 10 years and are inseparable.

Although she is a gentle soul, she is a strong leader who makes sure the herd is safe, and they are in no doubt as to who is the boss!


Blaze is a elderly Standardbred (ex-trotter).   He came to us after being left in a field for a year, rather forgotten.  He was extremely stressed and nervous and it took a long while for him to relax and trust again.  After a lot of work together he now is level headed and reliable.   He looks to you for direction and is willing to follow.   His heart is in the right place and he wants to please.   He is easy going and quite often will give you a gentle nudge.

Blaze is best friends with Jenny and their bond is very tangible.


This little guy is a bay Thoroughbred.   He came to us after his paddock pal died and he was grieving

He has taken his place in  the pecking order of the herd and is happy and settled .   He is the most affectionate horse and just loves to be involved in whatever is going on.  He is very perceptive and responds quickly  – he is a lovely horse to work with.  He has a cheeky, cheerful nature and is a great addition to the herd.


Red is the last addition to the herd.  He came to us from Project Hope.  Project Hope rescue abused or neglected horses. They retrain and rehouse them.

Red is a Quarterhorse X.   He is still young and we hope he has many happy, calm years ahead of him as part of our herd.

After a lot of time and retraining, Red is learning to trust again.  He is wary of sudden movements but is relaxing more each day.   He is a large horse, but is a gentle giant.

Participants are free to interact with the herd  or to identify a specific horse they would like to work with. Each of our horses has individual characteristics and this adds to the unique experience that equine assisted learning provides.

Horses have an ability to sense and respond to our inner thoughts and thinking patterns. They live in the moment and respond to people in the here and now. Horses react to what and who may be around them- in that instant. They are non-judgmental and take you as you come. Horses can mirror emotions and feelings. They live and breathe by their intuition and make amazing teachers, enabling us to reconnect with our inner selves. Since horses communicate their feelings primarily through body language, they offer feedback non-judgmentally.