About us

With panoramic views of Mount Macedon, Hamer Equine Assisted Learning [ H.E.A.L.] offers a tranquil space for participants to experience the unique benefits of equine assisted learning. We are located 10 minutes from Woodend and 45 minutes from Melbourne Airport.

H.E.A.L. offers physically and  psychologically safe  experiences with horses. We provide participants with the  opportunity  to  explore issues that may be troubling them or simply to enjoy being in the space with the horses. We support  participants as they  work through  a wide variety of issues including relationship and family  problems,  building awareness of damaging behavioural habits, fostering interpersonal  and emotional skills, and working on other identified  learning goals.

Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential form of learning and healing where participants and horses work together. “Experiential” means that participants work with the horses to experience the issues that are impacting their lives.

Horses have an extraordinary ability to read our non-verbal communication – picking up on our feelings and the unconscious signals we may send out.  Horses do not know or care about our personal histories or backgrounds. They experience us ’in the moment’ and will accept us as they find us. Their non-judgmental reactions  provide insights to participants from which they can learn and grow.