“The time with your horses yesterday, was profound and deeply restorative. I appreciate your emotional intelligence and gentleness, thanks.”



“I am so grateful that my son has the privilege to regularly attend Hamer Equine Assisted Learning with Annie as she has helped him with his anxiety in a professional and caring manner.

The growth and confidence Annie and her beautiful horses have given my son over many months is truly amazing and I can highly recommend this service to everyone that can benefit from such a therapeutic experience with these remarkable animals.”

Debbie Rosewall


“We came across Annie and the horses at H.E.A.L late last year. My daughter lives in a vortex of high anxiety mixed with specific phobias, making each day a constant challenge. 

The  confidence she gains whilst amongst the herd, in particular Halo, is almost unbelievable. She is able to confront her fears, completing tasks with him by her side, tasks that she struggles with in daily life. The herds ability to share a sense of calm and ‘you got this’ is just amazing to watch. I can highly recommend a visit with Annie and the H.E.A.L herd.”

Jacqui B.


“At H.E.A.L we have seen an instant healing. Letting the horse pick you, the love and friendship is pure. Spending time with Halo we have seen a different child, and a different mother. A new excitement for life. The growth of confidence, calmness and self love has been the most successful therapy we have come across. Thank you”




“My story this is my son Jaydan he’s been superglue to the ps4 since first covid lock down and it’s the worst thing ever. My boy has several diagnoses and can be extremely violent both verbally and physically to the extent of my passed out. Putting holes in walls damaging whatever he could to the state that we need to lock ourselves in my room until it was safe for us to come out. So that’s just brief description…

But I must say how blessed grateful an extremely honoured to have found Annie as in 6 sessions my son has gone to never been near any horse in his life as well as my boy being as out of control. I’m proud to say this is all thanks to Annie whom works so closely and communication she has with both my boy and these flawless beautiful horses that have grown to love my son Jaydan.. If anyone would have told me that this was going to happen I would never would’ve believed them. The fact that Annie has been able to help my son the way she has I will forever thank her with all my heart for the magic she has done with my son

Annie I see and I know that you put your heart and sole into all the amazing and priceless work for everyone. I can’t find nor express the gratitude I have for what you have done so far with my son. I know that you will continue working with him over time and that will only get better over time…”

Edwina Crawford