Trust: It’s a two-way thing

equine-therapy-pricesOne of our younger clients put his arms around Red’s neck, looked back and said- ‘I think he trusts me’. It was a powerful moment of connection from a child, who came to us with some difficult family issues. 

Psychology Today stated that ‘ Learning to trust an animal such as a horse is very powerful in the development and restoration of trust for those whose ability to trust has been violated by difficult life experiences’. It’s obviously a heartbreaking situation when a young child struggles with the concept of trust. It’s a painful lesson for one so young to feel that you cannot trust those closest to you. But in that moment, as Red stood stock still and allowed a small child to hang from his neck, there was a profound moment of hope. 

Our clients learn a lot from the horses. They know from observing the herd that even though they have moments of stress with each other, there is an inherent deep sense of trust in the herd and that they are ‘there for each other’. They also learn that the horses dwell in the moment, and don’t look back in anger, nor forward in fear. Our clients learn that they can be accepted for who they are and that they  are worthy of trust, acceptance and love.

According to author George Eliot ‘Those who trust us, educate us’. We never to cease to be humbled by how much people can learn from our herd. 

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