Put the Wellies on and get back into Nature!

EQUINE-THERAPY-MELBOURNEThere’s no doubt that the last few weeks have been very testing. Nature has bared its teeth and shown us all its devastating power.  Like many others, our property is quite impacted, with our dam now resembling a lake and our driveway to the house looking like a 4-wheel drive course. The Campaspe River flows at the bottom of our property and in 25 years- we have never seen it overflow so much. It’s no surprise that we feel that nature is driving us indoors, almost daring us to come outside.

But we need to be in nature. Being outdoors in the air, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Macedon Ranges is both awesome and therapeutic. Albert Einstein said, ‘Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better’. There is a strong therapeutic base that underpins the importance of connecting with nature in all its power. For example, most of us are familiar with Seasonal Affective Disorder’ [SAD] which we associate with Nordic countries. 

For our clients, the importance of being in our natural environment underpins the work they do with the horses. It creates a powerful context for sessions. Come hail or shine, we always start a session with 5 minutes of mindfulness practice, looking over our property to Mount Macedon. At present, with the river roaring below us, the birds above and the occasional sight of one of local wombats, its not hard to connect to Einstein’s words and sentiments.

So put on the wellies- get back out into the great wide open and appreciate our environment for what it is – truly awesome.

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