Learning to Self-Manage With a Horse.

One of the key Social Emotional Learning skills is self-management- How one manages and controls behaviours and practices. Learning self-management skills gives people the opportunity to make choices for themselves. You get to decide how your life plays out. A lack of these skills means that life tends to happen to you by default. You may not be living  a life of your design and choice.  Author and Life Coach, Dr. Prem Jagyasi said

“Self-management, therefore, is all about becoming your own leader by training your mental, physical, social and intellectual faculties in different ways.”

Equine Assisted Learning [EAL]  is a great platform for those who wish to build self- management skills. We know that horses are incredibly sensitive to human emotions. If we’re feeling frustrated- the horse will sense it and respond accordingly. A pre- requisite of engaging with horses is a state of calm. Using mindfulness  practices, we encourage participants to ground themselves, control their breathing and be aware of what their five senses are giving them. We have spectacular views from our property that support a sense of calm and stillness. When we invite participants to meet the horses, we encourage them to imagine that they are in slow motion- moving carefully and confidently in their interactions. As participants meet the horses in this state of self- managed calm, there is a noticeable level of acceptance in the horses – facilitating the building of powerful bonds.

Roman Emperor  and renowned philosopher, Marcus Aurelius said,  “The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength.”  The calm mind gives us the ability to self- manage, to cut through the clutter and noise of the agitated mind.

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