If Only Horses Could Talk…

equine-therapy-in-melbourneIt’s coming on 2 years since we started HEAL. During that time we have worked with dozens of clients- either individually or in groups. One thing that constantly surprises us is the bond people make to the individual horses. Why is it that a particular person is drawn  to a particular horse? We asked a client just the other day- Why are you drawn to  Jenny? Her response was “because she is majestic. She is the queen of the herd, and the others follow her, without question.   I could learn so much from her”.

As a bit of fun, we wondered “ If the horses  could talk – how would they describe themselves and what would they say about themselves?” So for the next 4 blogs we are going to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Here’s what Jenny -the Queen of the herd said about herself.

“I’m all about structure and safety. My job is to look out for the others and make sure they are ok. Now and again, if they get out of line, I have to rein them in. But we don’t carry bad blood around with us and they all seem comfortable with what I do and how I do it. They can rely on me. I won’t let them down. When the others are tired and have a rest or even a lie down, they can depend on me to keep a watch out for them. That’s who I am. Leading the herd is a big responsibility, but most of the time everyone knows their place and we get along fine. I make sure we stick together day and night. They know I’ve got their backs and I won’t let them stray away too far.     Am I majestic? You be the judge.” 

If you’d like to meet Jenny (and the rest of our herd)  and learn more about equine assisted learning please call Annie on 0411 549562 or e mail her on annie@hamerequine.com

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