If Only Horses Could Talk – Blaze


As the weather warms up and the winter rugs go into storage, its wonderful to see the horses grazing the property at liberty. Traditionally, over the winter months, they stay close to the yards because that’s where the hay is!  But now, we see them roam the property, discovering new areas to graze and wander.

Of all our horses, Blaze is the one who really notices the weather change. He’s the senior statesman of the herd- ageing gracefully, with a grey colouring to his muzzle and cheeks.

 ‘I’ve been here for nearly 20 years and for the whole of that time I’ve been a best pal to Jenny. That’s how I see myself- the solid reliable companion, who’s always there. When the other horses arrived on the property, there was some jostling for position, but we have now settled into our herd roles and I’m Jenny’s right hand man- a happy follower and a good number two.  I accept my role with grace and acceptance. I’m happy to be part of this group and we look out for each other and keep each other safe.

In the warm weather I like to stand in the shelter to keep the sun off and you’ll often find Jenny and I standing nose to tail using our tails as fly swatters to keep those pesky flies off our faces. 

I think the people who come to work with us see me as a solid citizen- dependable and reliable- almost like a favourite uncle. If that’s what people, see – that’s fine by me’.

If you’d like to meet Blaze  (and the rest of our herd)  and learn more about equine assisted learning please call Annie on 0411 549562 or e mail her on annie@hamerequine.com

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