How Horses Foster Positive Experiences.

equine-therapy-session-melbourneAs participants leave the round yard or the paddock, we often hear the comment- ‘I never thought I would be able to do that’. You can feel and often see the sense of pride and accomplishment that  an experience with the horses can bring.

It’s shouldn’t really be a surprise. For some people a successful interaction with the horse may be a highlight. Positive experiences with the horses build self-esteem and confidence. When they first encounter the horses- there is a sense of awe and affection. They’re big. And to a child- they’re very big! Participants are drawn to the herd and we often have no need to prompt to ask people to observe the herd. It’s automatic.

We spend time at the beginning of every session to help participants understand the psychology of the horse. By understanding how to approach the horses and how they might need to adapt and change their behaviours to work effectively with them, participants are developing positive coping mechanisms that assist them to stay within their window of tolerance.

The motivation to stay emotionally regulated is strong. They have positive, affirming experiences with the horses that build confidence and self-efficacy. Participants leave sessions with a sense of achievement. As time goes on we hope that ‘I never thought that…’ will move to ‘ I CAN do that…’

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