Change starts with a small Step

hamer-equine-therapyIn our last post we reflected on the challenge of change and how it is that we often hang onto practices and behaviours that don’t serve us well.   We know that they don’t serve us well but we don’t have anything better available to us- so we default to them in times of stress and concern because that’s all we think we have.

Change can be hard,  but we have drawn inspiration from a global perspective given to us by no other than Taylor Swift.  She recently said, ‘I think the tiniest little thing can change the course of your day, which can change the course of your year,  which can change who you are’.

We see a lot of truth in this sentiment when clients work with the horses.  Take Sam (not their real name) ,  who is afraid to try pretty much anything,  but  finding that they can not only lead a horse over an obstacle course,  but can work with the horse to get it to stop,  back up,  even turn around.  Equally, look at Jackie  (not her real name)  who said she was frightened of horses –  but with gentle encouragement, engaged with them and then found herself smiling and laughing when one of them put their head on her shoulder- a photograph for the ages!

Taking small steps builds confidence and resilience. We know that clients apply the learnings and insights they have discovered when working with the horses,  in other aspects of their life.  As Taylor says –  a small change is the first step to change who you are.

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