Breaking negative thought patterns

hamer equine therapy horsePossibly the number one issue we encounter with people of all ages is negative thought patterns.  It’s a vicious cycle that seems to feed on itself- always looking for proof to justify itself. Common aspects of negative cycles are ‘filtering’-   ‘I’m  always looking past the good to the bad’,  ‘catastrophising’-  ‘I always imagine  the worst outcome’  and ‘self-blaming’-  ‘I’m just not good enough’.

For some, even talking about it in therapy sessions is a proof point.  ‘Look where I’ve ended up’.

Yet- when people come to work with the horses- something changes. Maybe it’s the views as they get out the car- no reception area and clipboards,  just open views,  a few roos  and birdsong  (by the way wrap up because it can be chilly this time of year!)   We certainly believe the setting signals that things are going to be different here.

Or maybe working with horses gives people real space to challenge their negative patterns by reflecting on their interactions with the horse,  and through those reflections gain a fresh perspective.  Standing quietly in the space with a horse alongside you is a cathartic experience.

Equine Assisted Learning also promotes solutions focused thinking.  People learn to experiment with the  best ways to achieve outcomes with the horses- that work for them.  They learn new skills and they develop new behaviours  in order to achieve these.   The focus on what they are doing leaves little room for negative emotions.  The simple actions of grooming,  walking and spending time with the horse promotes positivity and a feeling of wellbeing.

As people finish up with the horses and draw in the view one final time before jumping in their cars- it’s little wonder to us that they often are smiling.

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